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** All coupons will be delivered with hardware, no claim after delivery **

T & C
– All coupons must be shipped with hardware when delivery, claim after delivery is not allowed.
– Coupons for Enduser is claimed through its reseller, Innovix will not issue coupons to Enduser directly.
– To enjoy this offer, EU needs to issue PO to reseller no later than 30 Sep 2020; Resellers must submit their corresponding PO to Innovix on
or before 8-Oct 2020. Late submission is not acceptable.
– Coupons and hardware will be delivered within 30days against the reseller PO date. If material in shortage, Coupons and hardware delivery
will be delayed accordingly.
– Innovix and HPE reserve the right for any change of the program condition without prior notice.
– Item return or order cancellation is not acceptable.
– In case of any dispute, Innovix reserves the right of final decision.